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To not support Hillary Clinton in the general election


If you were a Bernie Sanders supporter from the very beginning of this election cycle, chances are you witnessed first-hand the dirty politics and corrupt establishment tactics that he has dealt with in these 2016 primaries at the hands of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

From the biased establishment news reporting from CNN & MSNBC (who's parent companies have both donated large sums of money to Hillary throughout her political career), to the large sums of money she's received from big money interests, to her constant flip-flopping on major issues, to her plethora of scandals dating back to the 80s, (Benghazi, E-MAILS, Whitewater etc.), I just can not and will not vote for her. I'm sure plenty of Sanders supports share a common sentiment. 

Join me in pledging not to support or vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election. 


In the wake of WikiLeaks 20,000 leaked DNC e-mails our assumption of the rigged primaries have been proven. 



What to do:

  • Do not vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the general election

  • Do not support her in any way

Instead, try...

  • Bernie Sanders

  • Jill Stein

Updates & Announcements

Nov 10, 2016

What could have been.

We could have had a President who has been on the right side of every major political decision in recent memory. We could have had a President with the foresight to determine the best direction for this country. We could have had a President who was truly of the people and for the people. We could have had a president not beholden to the powers that be on Wall Street. We could have had a President who marched with Martin Luther King. We could have had a President who would have fought in perserving our environment. We could have had a President full of integrity, courage, and humility in the White House. But now we are dealt with a President that we truly do not know what to expect. But at the very least if its any consolation, we don't have a corrupt female president that would've continued to enrich herself and the global elite. 

Nonetheless, our work is not done. We have to ensure that the policies in which Bernie fought for is realized. We have to hold our next President accountable for any wrongdoing and we must stay involved in the political process and elect true progressive down-ballot candidates. 

Jul 27, 2016


Dear Democrats,

Let me enlighten you on who we are since you fail to make even the slightest attempt to learn. Most of us are Bernie supporters who have been disenfranchised by your convaluted apparatus of what's supposed to be a democracy. Bernie helped us believe that if we roll up our sleeves, mobilize, and demand change by the millions, we will have our voices heard. But time after time throughout the tumultous primaries, we've seen little glimpses and hints of a large overarching covert operation of subtle biases throughout the media (INCLUDING CNN AND MSNBC), multiple cases of potential voter fraud, and a governing body that claimed to be impartial yet acted contrary. A lot of us registered as a Democrat only to vote for the man who we thought can tear down this rigged system, the man who we know fought for us and truly represented us and not the special interest, the man who we know is sincere and authentic-Bernie Sanders. Yet despite our valiant efforts, this oligarchy with a democratic veneer is just too deeply entrenched in corruption, elitism, and favoritism. Our voices were not heard and we don't believe they will be under a Hillary presidency. So don't expect us to be "loyal to the party" or for us to fall in line behind a candidate that represents Goldman Sachs and a plethora of wealthy donors. Don't expect us to support a person who talks about the deep problems of income inequality, yet wears a $12,000 Armani jacket while doing so. Regardless of all this, these two horrible presidential candidates know the importance of our collective vote, yet strangely enough only one has made an effort to reach out to us and his name is not Hillary. Some of us might even respond to his feeble attempts, but we at least acknowledge his effort. Hillary has not made a genuine attempt to understand us. She only wants our vote, not to help us. She's not with us, she's with our votes. And in response, we will definitely not be with her.

Jul 25, 2016

The convention is here..

We place our faith in Bernie, and his delegates.

There's another propcott campaign about #DemExiting. Follow this link to join and share it!

Jul 23, 2016


Regarding Trump

They made Craigslist posts on fake Trump jobs talking about women needing to be hot for the job and "maintain hotness"

DNC's Trump narrative

"The digital internet team is continuing the push to show people how dangerous Trump is."

Regarding Bernie

Want to know why Morning Joe suddenly did a 180? DWS to Chuck Todd. Topic is about them calling for DWS to step down. "This must stop."

"Hey Josh, since the Sanders camp keeps pushing stories about the money laundering, we’re prepping a Medium post from either our CFO or our CEO we want to run by you. It will sharply state that the criticisms are wrong, etc.. basically our talking points in a Medium post format with some extra detail."

"Making a Bernie narrative"

On debating Bernie in California thanks to /u/biasexposer

"If she outperforms this polling, the Bernie camp will go nuts and allege misconduct. They'll probably complain regardless, actually."

"missed this... Sanders complaining about underfunded state parties, LOL". Thanks /u/mportz

DWS private email saying Bernie's idea to change DNC is silly and won't be president

DNC and Hillary moles inside the Bernie campaign

Trying to get someone to ask about religion at one of Bernie's events. Trying to get him to say he's Atheist

DNC flagging Bernie Democrats or things that threaten HRC. Thanks /u/Yo5yoman2

DWS on Bernie staying in the race in April: "Spoken like someone who has never been a member of the Democratic Party and has no understanding of what to do"

Calling someone a Bernie Bro for wanting to interview DWS about money laundering, which they call "a shit topic". Asks for an interview next week on another topic.

Media Collaboration

"I think the best reporter to give the news to ahead of time is Greg Sargent at the Washington Post. But, the specific reporter is not as important as getting it to an outlet before the news breaks so we can help control the narrative on the front"

CNN collaboration

This one indicates a CNN political correspondent and PR strategist getting talking points into an article written by Steve Benen of MSNBC thanks to /u/Johnboy1985

More media collusion (Politico) "Vogel gave me his story ahead of time/before it goes to his editors as long as I didn't share it. Let me know if you see anything that's missing and I'll push back."

Democrat Chair DWS called Pres of MSNBC Phil Griffin to stop @Morning_Joe being so sympathetic to Sanders

Jake Tapper responds to collaboration: 

Planting stories in the Washington Post

DNC wanting to promote pro-Hillary news during primary, discussion of "quietly sharing". (Thanks/u/PM_ME_OR_PM_ME


"I hate these people so much" - DNC Chief of Finance. Thanks /u/mportz

Asking to commit FEC violation

MONEY LAUNDERING. From Weaver. More on laundering

DNC calling O'Malley a joke. Thanks /u/mportz

"-- Last night, Hillary attended two high-dollar fundraisers in New York City. The first, from 6:15 p.m. to 7:45 p.m., was at the home of Maureen White and Steven Rattner. Approximately 15 attendees contributed $100,000+ to attend. Then, from 8:15 p.m. to 9:45 p.m., she went to the home of Lynn Forester de Rothschild. Another 15 people ponied up more than 100K to attend."

Money from DNC donation funneled to Clinton campaign

Correct the Record's executive director

"less than 1 percent of the $61 million raised by that effort has stayed in the state parties' coffers, according to a POLITICO analysis of the latest Federal Election Commission filing"

To meet Clinton at the convention is $1.7 million to $300k

Asking Burger King to form a PAC

Targeting Wall Street donors. Thanks /u/Cygnus_X More info: "One big Clinton donor on Wall Street said that Bush donors are prime targets and that 'we're a big tent.' Potential sources of support for Clinton could include people like Jack Oliver, who also served as a top fundraiser for Jeb Bush. Both Johnson and Oliver did not respond to requests for comment.The race for Wall Street cash will be intense."-/u/Cygnus_X

Trading favors with superdelegates. (Thanks /u/PM_ME_OR_PM_ME

DNC members "If he's a good gay, he'll love that this pic is with Kathy griffin." Thanks /u/mportz

Huge list of donors

Personal note: honestly this feels like browsing a bunch of high school girls' emails. "Is there a fuck you emoji", "bahahaha", someone links to round of applause by lady gaga.

Tons of media manipulation.

Also, kinda feel bad for Bernie supporters now. The system, like trump mentioned in his speech, was against you completely.

Thanks to Reddit user /u/_Underoath_ for compiling this list.

Jul 15, 2016

A few Bernie's endorsement

My first reaction was utter disappointment. I wondered if this was the end of the political revolution and whether or not everything dedicated to the movement was all for nothing. But as soon as my intial feelings settled, I tried to collect my thoughts and evaluate my actions moving forward. In the midst of my deliberating, I stumbled upon an interesting anecdote. I wanted to share this with you all and you can decide how you want to digest it.

First off, Bernie has not conceded. He did not give up his 1900 delegates, nor is he giving Hillary his supporter's donations. Throughout all of his interview and speeches in the past few days, he has not agreed to provide her with any of them. 

Second, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) won a contested convention. In the weeks prior to the Democratic Convention of 1932, FDR was behind in pledged delegates and votes to his primary opponents. I won't delve too deep into details, but he also ENDORSED his opponent! He went on to win the presidency at the contested convention and the rest is history. 

Apparently, the DNC rules are that if you wish to maintain your superdelegate status, you must endorse the party's nominee. So Bernie is following their rules and playing their game. Whether or not you believe he is still in the race to win the presidency is entirely up to you. Another interesting anecdote that reinforces this strategy, is a delegate conference call the night of his endorsement. He wanted to ensure that all 1900 pledged delegates were in attendance for the impending delegate roll coll. I'm no expert, but I will keep my hope alive until after the convention. I hope you guys will do the same to. But regardles, I won't vote Hillary. 

We're almost at 1100 supporters. I would hope we reach much more before the convention! Please continue to share this on social media, and gather as many supporters as you all can. Keep on fighting. 


Jul 6, 2016

So no indictment huh? WOW...

President Obama and Hillary Clinton boarded Air Force One this morning and went on the campaign trail seemingly without a care in the world while FBI Director James Comey publicly announced the FBI's conclusion on the e-mail scandal, which turned out to be in her favor unfortunately. I can't say I'm surprised, but I am thoroughly dissapointed. Maybe I was giving false hope to the remnants of democracy I still sincerely hoped existed. But I was wrong. And I will right my wrongs first by pledging to NEVER support HIllary in any capacity. We've been able to reach 1 thousand which is awesome, but I know we can do better. Please continue to share this page and let's get this message out!

Jul 1, 2016

Even if Hillary adopts ALL of Bernie's policies..

This might not be a popular opinion, but EVEN if Hillary agrees to adopt all of Bernie's policies and receives an "endorsement" from Bernie (I highly doubt Bernie can muster up a wholehearted, full-fledged endorsement after what experiencing the depth of favoritism and corruption in the rigged primaries), I'm still not voting for her. I just can't do it. Comment below and let me know if you share this sentiment. 

Also please continue sharing this campaign page! A simple share on social media can do wonders! 

Have a good weekend and Happy 4th of July.  


Jun 10, 2016

Nearly 600 supporters in two days. And President Obama and Elizabeth Warren

So Hillary has received two endorsements from two prominent figures: Elizabeth Warren and President Obama. What's ironic is we all thought they were champions of the people, fighting for "hope" and change while refusing to sell out. How wrong we were...

Both Warren and Obama have chastised Hillary in the past, stating she was a liar and a corporate puppet. Well it seems that these two have also become part of the establishment. 

But really, these two endorsements are meaningless to us. We will fight to the convention and beyond. We don't owe the corrupt party anything. Whatever happens to the democratic establishment in the general election will be a direct result of their corrupt system.

For us, it's either Bernie, third-party, or none. Continue sharing this page. We reached nearly 600 in two days! Keep the momentum going and SHARE