Boycott Washington Post COMPLETELY for their biased reporting of Donald Trump. Do not click on any of their articles, unsubscribe from their newspaper or digital content.


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To boycott Washington Post


Throughout this political season, the Washington Post has produced hit-piece after hit-piece of Donald Trump. Just this morning (06/13/16), the Washington Post pulished two articles attacking Trump. 


Mr. Trump himself has expressed his discontent with their continuous biased reporting, and has officially revoked their press condentials.

Now it's our turn to take action against this biased news outlet. Boycott Washington Post completely. 


What to do:

  • Unsubscribe, unlike, or unfollow anything related to Washington Post including their social media, newspaper subscriptions, or digital content subscriptions, etc. 

  • Do not view ANY content that bears the Washington Post name.

Instead, try...

  • One America News Network (OANN)

  • Breitbart

Updates & Announcements

Stay tuned for updates and announcements from the creator of this propcott.